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New Laboratories Planning :

Laboratory is the heart of any chemical/ pharmaceutical industry . This is where a product is born , tested and finalized before it leaves the premises. In order that the products are as per standards and to be able to guide the production units of the optimal processes to follow , the laboratory must be state of the art and be equipped with the right resources ( man power and equipments).

Tex Assist helps you to create the right environment to house the state of the art equipments in your laboratory as well as create the right ambience & atmosphere for your chemists to perform better. We also guide you with regards to best equipments and best practices to follow in your laboratories.

What we bring to each project

  • Ability to program all types from conceptual to detailed program confirmation

  • Basic scientific knowledge to understand and correctly interpret the language of end user

  • Knowledge of global safety & Industrial Hygiene requirements

  • Experience with using different laboratory furniture's and fixtures

  • Cost evaluation for optimizing budgets

  • Knowledge of the current energy related efficiency issues

  • Understanding of basic "good practice" engineering requirements of lab facilities.

  • Resolution of must have & good to have facilities for smooth operation of laboratories

  • Guidelines to lab signages

  • Coordination of execution of all laboratory services by keeping a close watch on the project teams during this phase