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The Team Is Now Geared Up To Capture The Client's Requirements , Analyse Them With Scientific Basis And Execute Projects With The Best International Practices And Direct Our Clients Wanting Certified Laboratories Towards Achieving Them.

We design all the MEP services which include HVAC , Electrical , Utility and Fire & safety.


In HVAC system , we study Heating / Cooling Loads of the areas . We then design the air distribution systems taking into considerations the air changes and the exhaust from fume hoods , spots or canopies in the laboratories. Prepare the detailed layouts of showing the HVAC pipe routings etc.


The complete load analysis of all equipments is done for existing and future requirements along with their operating patterns to arrive at an electrical load sheets which is the basis of designing of electrical systems .


Calculation of total water requirement for the equipments are done . Water supply distribution and drainage plans are designed. Waste water collection and transfer system are planned along with ETP if required . We have in depth knowledge about various analytical instruments being used by various industries & hence optimal gas distribution systems are designed based on maximum safety and minimum costs.


We have experience in both conventional systems like wet riser systems & sprinkler systems as well as modern system like gas/ foam based fire fighting systems. We give you a complete fire protection system that will satisfy all project requirements.

Fire detection equipment with Fire alarm panels, cabling and conduiting. Designing Fire water requirements along with holding tanks and hydrant pumping systems. Wet Risers, Fire hose reel and Automatic Sprinklers. All Fire Protection systems design shall confirm to CFO’s requirements.